Family Law


Unfortunately, some marriages are not meant to last.  If you are faced with the prospect of your marriage ending, it's important that you have someone with you to make sure your rights and interests, financial and otherwise, are protected in reaching the best possible resolution during a difficult time.  Make sure Kalki Y'Chili is that person.

Child Custody

Our children are quite often the most important people in our lives.  When custody issues arise, not having someone who will make sure your rights to be involved in your child's life are protected can have devastating and long lasting effects on both you and your child.  Make sure you have Kalki Y'Chili in your corner.


Adopting a child is a wonderful and beautiful experience.  However, it can also be frustrating if you do not have someone to guide you through the legal process and requirements of adoption.  Make sure you remove the headache by having Kalki Y'Chili with you to make your adoption memorable for the joy it brings you.

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